International Mravinsky Festival

The Evgeny Mravinsky Festival was initiated in 1995 to remember the stay of this most outstanding 20th century conductor in Narva and the Narva-Jõesuu seaside resort. The famous maestro used to come here for holidays, to rest from his work at the St Petersburg orchestra and professor work at the conservatoire, feeling here also closer to his Scandinavian roots. The Festival programme includes symphonic, choir as well as chamber music by mainly Estonian and Russian performers, but also by artists from other countries. The Festival’s guest of honour has been the conductor’s widow Alexandra Vavilina-Mravinskaya, President of the St Petersburg Mravinsky Society and flute professor at the St Petersburg Conservatoire. Both Evgeny Mravinsky and Alexandra Vavilina - Mravinskaya have well-known students among Estonian musicians. The Festival is organised by the Narva City Department of Culture and the Artistic Director is Anatoly Schura, conductor of the Narva City Symphony Orchestra.

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