Blacksmith’s festival “Baroque Smithery”

Every year the Festival attracts a number of well-known and novice blacksmiths from all over Estonia and abroad. Blacksmiths from Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia show their works. They are not only sharing their professional experience and compete against each other by participating in different contests (for instance, who smiths the best candlestick). They also share their secrets with Northern Yard visitors. Every year during the ”Baroque Smithery“ there is something forged for the museum, for example, baroque fence around the flag site and hinges for the Museum premises. In Northern Yard, there are open workshops, where you can learn the history and techniques popular for XVII century craftwork.

For a small fee you will have a unique opportunity to be reincarnated as a Narva craftsman of “The Golden Swedish Era” and make something with your own hands under the guidance of a master.

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