Winter Fair in the Northern Yard

On December, Northern Yard of Narva Castle opens its gates to a traditional winter fair. Local salesmen, as well as traders from Tallinn swarm to take part in it. Just like in any other fair, the shelves are filled with goods: from Christmas toys and handmade candles, to jams and pickles and freshly smoked fish from Peipsi Lake. Typical for these types of fairs, it is possible to down a shot and have a bite to eat. Spit roasted chicken and pork legs prepared over the bonfire, salmon cooked on wooden boards, and the old pharmacist offering you a glass of red wine – just what the doctor ordered! Here, in the Castle courtyard you can enjoy food, drinks and sweets cooked by the old recipe books. Winter Fair in Narva Castle is a prelude to Christmas holidays. By the way, have you prepared your Christmas gifts yet? You haven’t? Well, you might do it at the Winter Fair in Narva.

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